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Because this place needs more activity.

Pretty much all I have to contribute at this point is drabbles I've writte for pikabot, but contribute them I shall.

The ship is docked at a small and apparently deserted island, because Nami has decided that dry land will do everyone some good and dispel the bout of cabin fever that has been going around. Said navigator is currently lounging near the water's edge, reading a magazine and allowing the surf to wash over her feet. Luffy is hanging from a tree over the water, kicking up waves at Usopp and Sanji, who are involved in a violent splash fight. Zoro is swimming laps, apparently for training purposes. Chopper and Robin are sitting farther up on the beach, away from the water, watching the clouds and birds and nakama and various other beach things.

"Robin?" Chopper ventures, turning a seashell over in his hands curiously.

"Yes, Doctor-san?" she replies, tucking a stray strand of hair behind one ear.

"Did you know how to swim before you ate the Devil Fruit?" he asks, and tosses the shell toward the water. It lands short, but is washed away by the surf.

"No." She smiles, picks up a sea-polished rock, and watches the light reflecting from the bits of crystalline material embedded in its surface. "Did you?"

"No," Chopper says, and wants to add 'it's okay, though, because reindeer can't swim anyway' as sort of a joke, but realizes that it would be a bad one, and that Robin more than likely knows that reindeer can, in fact, swim, and he can't bring himself to lie to her anyway. "But I don't really mind," he finishes lamely.

"Why not?" asks Robin, and hands the rock to Chopper in a silent invitation for him to try to skip it, as he has been attemtping to do so for several minutes.

"Because..." he throws the rock, which hits the edge of the water with a resounding 'smack' and bounces several times along the surface. Chopper grins. "I get to sit here with you instead."

Robin is quiet for a moment, smiling. "Thank you, Doctor-san," she says eventually, and twines her fingers through his.

Chopper liked Robin. She was very wise and very clever, and she had very pretty eyes and very nice hair, and she had a very lovely smile and a very kind voice and…and everything about her was just very.

So yes, Chopper liked Robin. A lot. Maybe a little more than he would have preferred to. Because of course she would never like him back. He was a lot younger than her, for one thing, and also, he was, well, you know, a reindeer. Plus, whenever he tried to talk to her he tripped over his own words and his face got hot and everything was just terribly awkward. So he hid (the wrong way) behind the galley door and watched her read, because she looked very pretty when she read, and tried to think of a way to start up a serious conversation without making a fool of herself.

“Would you like to come in, Doctor-san?” she said softly, looking up from her book, and Chopper jumped and blushed and stood in the doorway, feeling irritatingly awkward again. Finally, he sighed, mostly in self-directed frustration, and walked slowly into the room. Robin motioned to a chair, and he hopped into it.

“H-hi,” he stammered, and immediately felt stupid. But Robin smiled, not mockingly, but kindly, and he took this as encouragement. “Sorry for watching you, I just…” he paused, gulped, tried again. “I just…l-like seeing you read.”

“Oh?” she asked, not derisive, but interested. Possibly even flattered?

“Yeah.” He felt himself blushing and ignored it. “Um…mind if I ask…what book it is?”

She smiled again, slightly different this time, and beckoned for him to come over and look. Chopper hopped down from the chair and went to look over her shoulder. Being a little too short to see properly, he shifted to human form instead. Robin sensed the sudden change in mass and turned, looking up into Chopper’s face.

For just a second, he thought he saw something in her eyes. Something…almost a little bit awkward. And he felt brave.

Robin leaned against the railing, looking up at the night sky and letting the wind ruffle her hair. Chopper watched, transfixed, from across the deck. She looked so pretty at night with the stars caught in her eyes and the moonlight putting her in soft focus; like an angel, he thought. She turned and looked right at him, smiling, and he jumped.

“Join me, Doctor-san?” she said, waving a hand at the space next to her. Chopper got up and went over, blushing at having been discovered.

“Sorry for watching you,” he mumbled, but she only looked down at him and smiled.

“It’s all right.” She looked back up at the stars, but she was frowning slightly now.

“What are you thinking about?” Chopper ventured, shifting to human form so he wouldn’t have to look up to see her.

“Nothing, really.” She smiled again, bitterly. “I just feel so old sometimes.”

Chopper blinked, startled. Old? Robin wasn’t old. He told her so, and she smiled (happily this time) and placed one hand on his shoulder for a moment in thanks.

“No, really,” said Chopper, who didn’t think she believed him. “Doctorine…my mentor. She’s 140, and she’s not old. You’re only a fifth of that!”

Robin looked at the reindeer in silence for a moment, and then laughed. “Thank you, Doctor-san,” she said, eyes sparkling, and kissed his cheek.

“A-anytime,” Chopper mumbled, blushing. Robin smiled.

Robin was flipping through a particularly interesting volume at the corner of a book stand when she felt a tug on the hem of her skirt and glanced down to see Chopper looking up at her with the guilt that meant he was about to ask for a favor.

“Robin?” he said, shyly, and twiddled his hooves. She smiled and placed the book back on its shelf.

“Yes, Doctor-san?”

“Um…I wanted to buy this book…” he pointed to the book in question; a medical dictionary on the bottom shelf. “But, um, I don’t have any money, and Nami says she won’t lend me any because I don’t have a way to pay her back, but, uh, if you could maybe let me borrow some I just know I can find a way to–”

He looked up just in time to see Robin wink. She stooped to pick up the book and put it on the counter, waiting patiently while the store owner rang it up. Once it was paid for, she handed it to Chopper, who shifted to heavy point and tucked it under his arm.

“Thanks,” he said, embarrassed and clearly overjoyed, if the dance he did was any indication. Robin smiled and began to walk away down the street, looking back over her should and raising an eyebrow as if to ask if Chopper was coming along. He hurried to catch up and fell into step beside her. It seemed as though he wanted to start a conversation, but couldn’t think of a line to open one with.

“You know,” Robin began, nonchalantly stroking the sleeve of a silk shirt as they passed a clothing vendor’s stall, “many things have been used as currency in the past. Strange things.”

“Really?” Chopper asked, glad to have something to talk about.

“Oh, yes,” said Robin. “All sorts of things. Salt, snail shells, clay, spices, cows, pigs, rice, bread, coins of silver, copper, limestone, gold…even giant rocks.”

“Wow,” Chopper exclaimed, eyes wide. “That’s amazing!”

“Mm-hmm,” Robin agreed, and tuned to smile up at him in a confidential manner. “But do you know what the strangest form of currency of all was?”

Chopper shook his head, leaning in anxiously.

“A civilization that used simple slips of paper as if they were actually worth something.”

Chopper hesitated, then smiled. “Hey…” he said. Robin chuckled, and Chopper laughed with her.

“You’re so smart, Robin,” he told her, eyes sparkling with admiration. Robin smiled, flattered, and reached up to stroke the side of his face with her thumb, as if his fur were silk like the shirt in the stall behind them. She could see him blush under his fur, and it only made her smile wider.

“Let’s get back to the ship,” she told him, and gave his hand a tug to move him along. “The others will be waiting for us.”

Chopper nodded, still blushing, and followed. They made it back before sundown, but it was a slow walk.

All of those are G-rated and pretty short. So yeah, my present to the comm. <3
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