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Fic Post.

It is way past time for me to post something for this community. Mark and I just recently did a trade for Rocho. So here is what I have!

Title: Ten Random Rocho facts.
Author: Omni
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No own One Piece or the characters.
Warnings: Hints at sex and is all made up!

1. Chopper tells Robin he loves her every day. Robin however can only smile.

2. No Chopper is not as big as you think he is....he is bigger.

3.Robin will never admit to it, but she left because of Chopper. Not because she didn't care about him. But because she loves him enough to sacrifice her own life for his.

4.Chopper has been with about three partners, Robin only one. But only Robin is able to move in a way to send Chopper's world exploding.

5. Sometimes Robin purposely lets herself get injured in a fight. All to see her doctor.

6.If Robin was the captain, she wouldn't allow Chopper to fight in any of the battles. After all the doctor is the most precious person on the ship other than the Captain.

7. Chopper loves how Robin's soft lips feel when they brush lightly over him.

8. Secretly Chopper sometimes thinks that having sex with Robin is like having sex with an octopus. But he supposes that it isn't so bad. Especially when she is riding on top of him, sweat glistening down over her breasts, head thrown back and soft moans escaping her mouth.

9. Robin never lingers on the moral dilemma of sleeping with Chopper. To her it doesn't matter if he is a beast turned man. At the end of the day, all that matters is being held in those strong arms.

10.Chopper has never belonged. With the doctor Hiriluk he had companionship. With doctorine, he had a mentor. With the strawhats, he has nakamaship. But with Robin, he has a sense of belonging.

11.Robin knows what it is like to be truly alone. For over twenty years, she has been running in the dark. However, now no matter how far apart they are, she is never alone. Chopper is not only her light, he is her soul.
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